Wyatt Earp vs Comanche Jack

The Wild West Extravaganza

Comanche Jack Stilwell worked as a teamster on the Santa Fe Trail, hunted buffalo on the southern plains, and participated in the famous Battle of Beecher Island – all before the age of 19 years of age. Jack continued scouting for the Army against the Cheyenne, Comanche, Apache, Kiowa, and Arapaho before pinning on a badge and chasing down outlaws in Indian Territory. Despite these accomplishments, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Comanche Jack. But what about his brother, Frank? While the name Frank Stilwell likewise may not ring a bell, I’m willing to bet you’ve seen Frank’s death portrayed on film on more than one occasion; an incident that saw frontiersman extraordinaire Comanche Jack come gunning for the famous Wyatt Earp.


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