WW2: The Deadliest Blitz?


When you think of the Blitz and the devastation enacted by the Luftwaffe during the Second World War, British cities like London or Coventry typically come to mind first. With deadly bombings happening across the United Kingdom throughout the entire world war, other locations and casualties are often forgotten or left off official Blitz classification lists. However, during March 1941, Glasgow and the surrounding Clydeside areas faced one of the deadliest Luftwaffe attacks during the War. Despite this, the true death toll remains unknown, leading to the question of why this Blitz has seemingly been forgotten, and whether an accurate death toll will ever be compiled.

In this episode, James welcomes Marc Conaghan to the podcast to talk about his years of research and study on the Clydeside and Clyde Bank Blitz, taking us through the 48 hours of destruction this region faced. They will explore the bombardments used, the lack of defenses Glasgow was able to employ, and the damage still visible today. Why was this area so heavily targeted, and could anything have been done to prevent it?

You can find more of Marc’s research and work here.

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