Unmasking the Glorious Revolution: Not as Bloodless as You Think with Dr. Kirsteen MacKenzie

History Rage

In this enlightening episode we welcome Dr. Kirsteen Mackenzie, who is on a mission to challenge the conventional view of the Glorious Revolution of 1688 as a “bloodless” transition of power. Dr. Mackenzie delves into the complexities of this pivotal historical moment in England, Scotland, and Ireland, unraveling the long-ignored aspects of brutality and bloodshed associated with the revolution. This insightful discussion is divided into six parts, each shedding light on different facets of this intriguing historical narrative.

Part 1:

  • Dr. Kirsteen Mackenzie provides a rich historical context for the Glorious Revolution, with a focus on King James II’s reign and the religious and political divisions of the era.
  • The conversation explores the conflicts and controversies linked to King James II’s Catholicism, especially within England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Part 2:

  • The discussion continues to dissect the events leading up to the Glorious Revolution, shedding light on the intricate relationships between the three kingdoms.
  • Dr. Mackenzie emphasizes the religious and political factors that culminated in the invitation extended to William of Orange to ascend to the throne.

Part 3:

  • Part 3 offers a deeper exploration of the religious tensions and political intricacies underpinning the Glorious Revolution.
  • The conversation underscores the significance of the Protestant-Catholic divide and the intertwined destinies of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

Part 4:

  • Part 4 transports us to Ireland, where Jacobite uprisings and battles played a defining role in the Glorious Revolution.
  • Dr. Mackenzie delves into the Battle of Aughrim, featuring key figures like St. Ruth and Ginkle, and challenges the myth of a “bloodless” revolution.

Part 5:

  • The spotlight turns to Scotland in Part 5, with a focus on the tragic Massacre of Glencoe.
  • Dr. Mackenzie offers insights into the circumstances surrounding the massacre and the role of Campbell of Glen Lyon, all within the context of the famed Highland hospitality.

Part 6:

  • The concluding part of the discussion delves deeply into the tragic events of the Glencoe Massacre, highlighting the loss of innocent lives.
  • Dr. Mackenzie shares her personal connection to the history of Glencoe and concludes with reflections on the impact and prevailing perceptions of the Glorious Revolution.

This episode takes you on a journey through a tumultuous period in history, offering a comprehensive understanding of the Glorious Revolution while challenging the historical misconception of its bloodlessness. Dr. Kirsteen Mackenzie passionately seeks to bring these long-hidden truths to light.

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