Unlocking the Mystery: Did the Princes in the Tower Survive? with Matt Lewis

History Rage

In this episode of History Rage, hosts Paul and Kyle engage in a passionate and insightful discussion with guest Matt Lewis, an author and historian, on the enduring historical mystery surrounding the fate of the Princes in the Tower. The Princes, Edward V and Richard of Shrewsbury, vanished from the historical record in 1483 and are believed to have been murdered, possibly at the hands of their uncle, Richard III. Matt Lewis offers a fresh perspective on this divisive and controversial topic, challenging traditional views and discussing the lack of definitive evidence in both directions.

Key Points and Highlights:

  • The discussion delves into the controversial topic of what may have happened to the Princes in the Tower.
  • Matt Lewis argues that we should approach the story with an open mind, acknowledging the lack of concrete documentary evidence that can conclusively prove either side of the argument.
  • The podcast explores various theories and alternative identities for the Princes, shedding light on the Missing Princes Project and the potential for new discoveries.
  • The debate around Richard III’s alleged involvement in the disappearance of the Princes and the significance of examining historical sources with fresh eyes is emphasized.

Closing Thoughts:

Unraveling the mystery of the Princes in the Tower remains a passionate and divisive historical topic. Matt Lewis provides an alternative viewpoint and encourages listeners to approach the debate with an open mind. The show notes provide links to Matt Lewis’s book, social media profiles, and relevant platforms for further exploration of this intriguing historical mystery.

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