Tito: President of Yugoslavia


A Yugoslav revolutionary leader, who served in every major conflict of his lifetime – Josip Broz Tito ruled Yugoslavia for 35 years. Successfully leading the establishment and maintenance of a socialist federation in Yugoslavia and balancing between the global superpowers of the Cold War, his contribution to history cannot be undermined. But his rule wasn’t without controversy or violence; while he managed to balance ethnic and national tensions to some extent, his regime was criticised for human rights abuses, censorship, and limitations on individual freedoms all while Yugoslavia was under a one-party system. So who exactly was Tito, and what legacy did he leave behind?

In the third episode of our Dictators series, James welcomes Robert Niebuhr to the podcast, to take a deep dive into Tito’s life and policies. Looking at Tito’s nonalignment policy, international relations, and the legacy he’s left behind in Eastern Europe today – what happened to Tito, and how can his rule still be felt today?

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