Things vs. Humans: the spiteful behaviour of inanimate objects

‎Patented: History of Inventions

If you can never connect to a printer, if furniture jumps out to stub your toe, if when you do the dishes the water jumps out the sink to soak you – then you are victim of the inanimate malice of things.

The belief that all things are essentially out to get us us has a name – Resistentialism. This is a theory created by columnist Paul Jennings. On one level it’s clearly a joke, on another level though he was convinced of its truth. Dallas, a man who has spent a lifetime celebrating tech, agrees.

Paul’s daughter joined Dallas to help explain her father’s theory about the spiteful behaviour of inanimate objects. Les choses sont contre nous.

Produced by Charlotte Long and Freddy Chick. Senior Producer is Charlotte Long

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