They Don’t Call Eris the Goddess of Strife For Nothing! Revisiting Ancient Horror

Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby!

After nearly four years of evading the plague, Liv has been snared by the Eris Variant. The official Halloween special will have to wait, in the meantime here are more Spooky Season Favourites. Help keep LTAMB going by subscribing to Liv’s Patreon for bonus content!

CW/TW: far too many Greek myths involve assault. Given it’s fiction, and typically involves gods and/or monsters, I’m not as deferential as I would be were I referencing the real thing.

Episodes featured (see the originals for more information): My Favorite [Ancient] Murder, Nyx, Eris, and their Deadly Dynasty; The Lycanthropic Tale of Lycaon & Other Ghosts & Werewolves; and Blood-soaked Trees, Erysichthon Eats Himself & Bonus Boogeywomen of Ancient Greece.

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