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In the year 493, the leader of a vast confederation of Gothic warriors personally cut down Odoacer, the man famous for deposing the last Roman emperor in 476. That leader became Theoderic the Great, a warrior-king who ushered in decades of peace and stability in Italy as king of Goths and Romans. Theoderic transformed his roving “warrior nation” from the periphery of the Roman world into a standing army that protected his taxpaying Roman subjects with the support of the Roman elite. He not only stabilized Italy but also extended his kingdom to the western Balkans, southern France, and the Iberian Peninsula.


In this episode of Gone Medieval, Matt Lewis talks to Hans-Ulrich Wiemer, author of Theoderic the Great: King of Goths, Ruler of Romans, the first full-scale history of Theoderic and the Goths in more than 75 years, which traces the transformation of a divided kingdom into a great power.

This episode was produced by Rob Weinberg.

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