THE VERDICT: The Living Dead in Paris during 1800-1900 CE

HHE Podcast

The crypt cracks open. The Judge rises, hungering for justice from beyond the grave. Will Ryan satisfy his thirst with twisted tales of Herman the Zombie and Madame Bobine’s living nightmare? Or will the Judge demand more morbid secrets of 19th century Paris? The Verdict will soon be revealed on this night… of THE LIVING DEAD!


00:00 Intro

02:35 Gourmet Brains!

08:45 White Zombie

11:51 Paris is Perfect for a Zombie Invasion!

16:10 Charles Nodier & Herman the Zombie!

18:34 The Early Burial of Madame Bobine!

22:44 The Tomb of Georges Rodenbach!

25:45 The Verdict!

29:46 Outro


– The Return of the Living Dead (1985) – (

– Hannibal (2001) – (


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