The Sutton-Taylor Feud | John Wesley Hardin (Part 3)

The Wild West Extravaganza

The Sutton-Taylor feud was one of the deadliest of the Old West. On one side you had the Taylor clan – descendants of Virginian Josiah Taylor, who settled near Cuero in DeWitt County. Tough-as-nails patriarchs Pitkin and Creed, along with their many sons and nephews, formed the backbone of their faction. Their adversaries, initially tied to the nefarious Texas State Police, rally under the name of William E. Sutton and Sheriff Jack Helm. Ambushes, assassinations, and betrayals became the norm, with each party vying for dominance. But who’s side would gunman John Wesley Hardin fight on? Also discussed is John Wesley Hardin’s time on the run, his arrest at the hands of Texas Rangers, and his murder trial.


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