The Real Queen Charlotte

Betwixt The Sheets: The History of Sex, Scandal & Society

Queen Charlotte is back in the spotlight, thanks to the new Bridgerton spin-off series looking into her life and marriage to King George III.

We know Bridgerton uses a lot of creative license when it comes to historical accuracy (just in case you didn’t know, people in the Regency period did not dance to orchestral covers of Beyonce) so today Kate thought she’d get Betwixt the Sheets with historian, Catherine Curzon to find out who the real Queen Charlotte was.

What was her early life like? How was her relationship like with her husband before and after his mental health problems? How did other members of high society view her?

You can find out more about Catherine Curzon’s work here.

WARNING: There is adult content and explicit words in this episode.

Senior producer: Charlotte Long. Producer: Stuart Beckwith. Mixed by Siobhan Dale

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