The Pre-Raphaelites: Art & Sexual Liberation

Betwixt The Sheets: The History of Sex, Scandal & Society

The Pre-Raphaelites: Art & Sexual Liberation

If there’s one thing we like to embrace on this podcast, it’s a slice of controversy. Which is why today’s topic of the Pre-Raphaelites movement is such a joy to explore: this was the swinging 60s of the Victorian era. 

A time when a group of artists, including Dante Rossetti and John Millais, refused to conform to the artistic norms at the time, and instead embraced sexuality and nature in a style that was more luscious and medieval than modern. 

What exactly did they stand for? Who were the women that inspired them? And why did the establishment’s feathers become so ruffled? 

Today, Kate is Betwixt the Sheets with legendary art historian Jan Marsh to find out. 

Senior producer: Charlotte Long. Producer: Sophie Gee. Mixed by Stuart Beckwith. 

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