The Murders of Alexander the Great

‎The Ancients

This episode contains strong language, and references to sexual assault.

Alexander the Great – conqueror, legend, murderer. After ascending to the throne at aged 20 in 336BCE, his rule started with mass executions and political assassinations – themes that would follow throughout his tumultuous reign. But why was Alexander’s reign so bloody, and what does it tell us about Hellenistic society at the time?

In this special crossover episode with History Hit’s new podcast ‘After Dark: Myths, Misdeeds, and the Paranormal‘, Tristan chats to Dr Anthony Delaney and Dr Madeline Pelling, about this bloodthirsty moment in ancient History – and together they delve into the violent rule of Alexander the Great. With funerals riddled with assassinations, murderous brawls, and asking whether Alexander was truly dead when they started the embalming process – welcome to After Dark, taking you down the shadiest routes of history.

You can listen to After Dark: Myths, Misdeeds, and the Paranormal here.

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