The Hunt is On & Britain’s Most Infamous King Takes the Throne… Season 3 of This is History: A Dynasty to Die For

This is History: A Dynasty to Die For

Power, greed, religion and sex: historian Dan Jones brings the drama of mediaeval history alivethrough compelling stories, larger-than-life characters and vivid scenes. The third season tells the incredible story of England’s most diabolical ruler. King John makes enemies wherever he goes: from the king of France, to his own barons, and even god himself. But what happens when one of the most powerful people in the world goes totally off the rails?

Plus, to celebrate the new season, we are launching This is History: The Hunt — a treasure hunt through prior episodes. Winners will receive a signed copy of Dan’s new novel Wolves of Winter and a free year’s subscription to his History, Etc. Substack. Visit to enter before September 11th.

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