The History of Painting on Skin: Where Do TATTOOS Come From?

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The art of painting on the skin, it’s fashionable now, but it wasn’t always so. To kick of the second series of his cunningly curated podcast, Tony and his special guests Matt Lodder and Grace Neutral discuss where we can find the oldest tattoos, what’s the history behind them, ancient and modern tattoo techniques, tattoo inks, queer tattoo history, body modification including tattooing eyeballs and when did tattoos stop being taboo?

Hosted by Sir Tony Robinson

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Dr Matt Lodder

Senior Lecturer in Art History and Theory, and Director of American Studies at the University of Essex. Matt is the UK’s foremost expert on the history of tattooing. His book ‘Painted People: Humanity in 21 Tattoos’ is out now.


@mattlodder | @beneaththeskin

Grace Neutral

Hand-poke tattoo artist, presenter and influencer. Grace runs Femme Fatale Studio, showcasing a wide range of tattoo styles from international artists. | @graceneutral | @femmefataletattoo 



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