The History of Football | Tony Collins

The ਸੋਚ (Sōch) Podcast

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Join me in an enlightening conversation with Dr. Tony Collins, a renowned British social historian with a specific focus on the multifaceted world of sports history. As an emeritus professor of history at De Montfort University and a Research Fellow at the Institute of Sports Humanities, Dr. Collins brings a wealth of knowledge and insights into the game of football—or ‘soccer,’ as known in the United States.

In this episode, we’ll be diving deep into the rich history of football, exploring how it evolved from a fringe hobby to a global phenomenon. Dr. Collins will also share his unique perspective as a visiting professor at Beijing Sports University in 2018.

Here’s what we’ll cover:
00:00 – Introduction to the History of Football
00:44 – What Is the Rich History of Football, and How Did It Evolve?
04:26 – The Rise of Football: How Did Football Transform from a Sideline Interest into the World’s Most-Loved Winter Sport?
07:14 – The Influence of the Elite: How Did the Upper Class and Private Schools Shape Football’s History, and How Did It Become a Working-Class Passion?
11:56 – A Game of Many Faces: What Are the Various Variations of Football, and What Distinguishes Them?
19:50 – A Political & Cultural Connection: How Does Gaelic Football Relate to Irish Nationalism?
24:05 – Breaking Barriers: What Are the Key Moments and Challenges in the History of Women’s Football?
28:43 – A Journey Through Time: If You Could Revisit One Historic Football Game, Which Would It Be, and Why?
31:43 – A Hot Topic: As a Football Historian, What Are Your Thoughts on the European Super League?