The Fall Of Szigetvár (1566) | Part 1: Sulieman’s Last March

Anthology Of Heroes History

“The Battle That Saved The Civilization”

In this series, we explore the 1566 Siege of Szigetvár, a crucial castle on the Habsburg-Ottoman border.

When the 71-year-old Ottoman Sultan, Suleiman the Magnificent, besieged Szigetvár, he didn’t anticipate the fierce resistance. Led by Count Nikola Zrinski, the garrison was determined to defend their fortress to the last man.

In this episode, we delve into the events leading to this monumental siege.

As the aged Sultan Suleiman marched toward the fortress, we and explore his personal life. From his controversial relationship with his Grand Vizier to his taboo romance with his favorite concubine.

Join us to uncover the story of Suleiman the Magnificent and the Siege of Szigetvár, a clash of compelling characters battling for legacy.