The Dead Sea Scrolls: Jesus, John the Baptist & Essenes

‎The Ancients

Part 2/2. Of unknown authorship, the Dead Sea Scrolls – also known as the Qumran Scrolls – are some of the most important ancient documents ever discovered. Found by a young boy in a cave by the Dead Sea, the scrolls offer invaluable insight into what life was like in Qumran and the surrounding areas 2 millennia ago. But who, if anyone, actually lived there, and what does John the Baptist have to do with it?

In our second episode on the Dead Sea Scrolls, Tristan is once again joined by Dr Jodi Magness from the University of North Carolina, to help us understand the invaluable nature of these artefacts. Looking at how Jewish religion was organised at this time, early examples of etymology, and even some millennia old puns – what can we learn about the Dead Sea Scrolls, and why are they so valuable in our understanding of the ancient past?

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