SPOOKY SPECIAL: She Gives, She Takes Away, the Goddess Hecate & Her World of Witchcraft

Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby!

Revisiting the Supreme Spooky… Hecate! We look at everything there is to know about Hecate, all powerful goddess of witchcraft, and some real life women accused of witchcraft in ancient Greece. Find all six years of Spooky Season content on this Spotify Playlist! Help keep LTAMB going by subscribing to Liv’s Patreon for bonus content!

CW/TW: far too many Greek myths involve assault. Given it’s fiction, and typically involves gods and/or monsters, I’m not as deferential as I would be were I referencing the real thing.

Sources: Early Greek Myths by Timothy Gantz; Theoi.com entries on Hecate and Hesiod’s Theogony; Heroines of Olympus; Underworld Gods in Ancient Greek Religion both by Ellie Mackin Roberts; Magic, Witchcraft, and Ghosts in the Greek and Roman Worlds by Daniel Ogden; Magic in the Ancient Greek World by Derek Collins.

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