Spectrophilia: The Ghost Fetish

Betwixt The Sheets: The History of Sex, Scandal & Society

If you happen to be a Spectrophiliac, then October must be a particularly exciting time for you.

What is a spectrophiliac? Well, it’s a fetish for ghosts (as well as mirrors), so being turned on by anything lurking in the non-physical realm. After all, as the old adage goes, the most important sex organ is the brain.

What are the historic origins of this fetish and phenomenon? And what real life stories can be told of it?

Today features an interview Kate did with Maddy Pelling and Anthony Delaney on our sister podcast, After Dark: Myths, Misdeeds & the Paranormal.

Head to their feed here to find brand new episodes already out on such mysterious and unsettling topics such as HMS Terror, the origins of Halloween and Murder in Ancient Rome.

This podcast was edited by Siobhan Dale and produced by Stuart Beckwith. The senior producer was Charlotte Long. 

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