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Slavic Vikings?

We know the Vikings traveled far and wide and that they had a significant impact on many of the lands where they roved, but in the English-speaking world we tend to focus on western Europe. What about their activities in Central Europe? It was a well-trodden path for Scandinavians seeking to get to the East and the riches of places like Constantinople and Baghdad, particularly through what is now Poland because of its coast line along the Baltic Sea.

But what do we know of Vikings in Slavic lands? Did they raid? Did they trade? Did they settle and change the place? Are there still signs they were there?

In this episode we speak with archaeologist Leszek Gardeła to explore the relatively-unknown impact Vikings had on the Western Slavs. We talk about who the Western Slavs were, how they were culturally distinct in the Viking Age, violence, graves, and even a bit about women warriors.

Did the Vikings change Poland? The answer might surprise you.

Read Dr. Gardeła’s book about women and weapons mentioned in the episode.

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