Sikh Soldiers in WWI: Loyalty, Sacrifice & Identity | Asst. Professor John Soboslai

The ਸੋਚ (Sōch) Podcast

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00:00 – Introduction
01:04 – Who is John Soboslai?
11:49 – Contrasts between Judeo-Christian martyrdom and non-Abrahamic martyrdom?
16:22 – How is martyrdom reconceived or repurposed by those holding authority?
34:12 – What impact do events like Komagatu Maru, World War I, and Jallianwala Bagh have on loyalist camps?
37:45 – What are the similarities and differences in manifestations of religious martyrdom?
44:14 – The motivations behind martyrdom?
52:02 – How did the British Indian Army manipulate the concept of ‘Shaheedi’?
01:01:14 – How has the concept of martyrdom evolved within Sikh tradition?
01:04:38 – A Sikh homeland in East Africa?
01:13:50 – What are some intriguing discoveries that you have made during your research?
01:22:29 – If you could meet any individual from the history you’ve studied, who would it be?
01:24:18 – Can you share any particularly interesting or unusual sources you encountered during your research?
01:28:26 – Is the notion of ‘divinity’ essential for the existence of ‘martyrdom’?
01:31:35 – If given the chance, what would you ask the soldiers you’ve studied about?
01:34:33 – Could you share some details about your book and any future projects you are working on?

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