S02e06 Tilden: Beards and Battles of the Civil War

The Almost Presidents Podcast

After years of bloody, sectional foreplay, the American Civil War begins with a bang.

The bloodiest conflict ever fought on American soil wreaks havoc across the fractured country in multiple theaters of the war. But for all the blood and treasure expended in the Civil War, as well as the legacy of it that is still felt in the modern era, the conflict forged many of the men who would have a major impact in the contested Election of 1876.

We trace the lives of 3 of those men:

-Almost President Samuel Tilden

-Future U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant

-Future President Rutherford B. Hayes


And don’t think we forgot it’s No Shave November! We devote a part of the episode to rating the war-time beards of Rutherford B. Hayes and U.S. Grant.

-Hayes beard rating (starts around 26:00)

-Grant beard rating (starts around 31:15)

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