S02e05 Tilden: A Democratic Origin Story

The Almost Presidents Podcast

Just like every great superhero has an origin story, so too does every great politician (though perhaps with less action, Kryptonite, and/or a childhood vow to become a one man war on crime made in Crime Alley after Thomas and Martha Wayne were gunned down in a mindless act of violence).

The origin story of Almost President Samuel Tilden is the story of the cultivation of a political mind that would prove to be a force to be reckoned with on the New York political stage. It is the story of a young Democrat who would stick with his party even through its most tumultuous and divisive days. And before long, the name Samuel Tilden would not just be known in New York, but to a nation about to be embroiled in the Civil War.

Join co-hosts Ryan and Kevin as we recount for you the emergence of Democrat Samuel Tilden on the American political stage!


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