S02e04 President & Mentor Van Buren (with HS History Teacher Katie)

The Almost Presidents Podcast

So far on Season 2 of The Almost Presidents Podcast, we’ve done our best to situate you in the historical time period within which Almost President Samuel Tilden would emerge as the Democratic candidate for President in the Election of 1876. But just who was Samuel Tilden?

On this episode, Ryan and Kevin discuss the boyhood of Sam Tilden, a bright but sickly boy born into a politically active family with friends in high places. Friends such as VPOTUS then POTUS Martin Van Buren, who would emerge as a key mentor figure to a boy who reveled in the works of Thomas Jefferson at an age when most of us were reading Dr. Seuss!

Our guest, high school history teacher and Martin Van Buren expert in residence Katie comes on the podcast to tell you all about such a pivotal man in Samuel Tilden’s life and politics.


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