Roman Emperors with Mary Beard

‎The Ancients

When examining the role of the Emperor within the Roman Empire, it is often easier to focus on the individual rather than the role itself. With contrasting personalities such as Marcus Aurelius and Caligula occupying the position, it becomes challenging to identify commonalities among Roman emperors. But when you examine the role itself and the responsibilities involved – it might be easier to find commonalities between the individuals than first believed.

In this episode, Tristan welcomes Professor Dame Mary Beard to the podcast to delve into the enthralling world, and immense responsibilities of the Roman Emperor. By exploring those at the pinnacle of Roman society, they unveil the realities of life for those at the top and how intricate dynamics influenced everything from the Senate to the justice system and dinner parties. Investigating the expectations of everyday citizens regarding the Emperor, and looking at whether this relationship was genuinely beneficial for both parties – what can we learn about the Roman Emperors, and are they more similar than history leads us to believe?

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