Revealing Secrets: Uncovering Hidden Meanings and Identifying Sitters in Portraits

‎Tudors Dynasty

In this episode, I am joined by art historians Mell Taylor and Dr. Emma Cahill to discuss symbolism in portraiture. We cover a vast range of topics and portraits, including the one that used to be called Katherine of Aragon, which is now proposed to be Mary Tudor (sister of Henry VIII) – find out why it cannot be Mary! We also talk about exotic animals in portraiture like unicorns, monkeys, dragons, guinea pigs and so much more!

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Image links:

Elizabethan siblings with guinea pig

Portrait of Steven van Herwijck

Portrait of woman with parrot

The Assumption of the Virgin

Portrait of Diego de Guevara

Catherine of Aragon as the Magdalene

Lady with a squirrel (and bird)

Young woman with unicorn in lap (Raphael)

The Lady and the Unicorn tapestry


Hosted by: Rebecca Larson

Guests: Mell Taylor and Dr. Emma Cahill Marron

Images: all images in the public domain

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