Ravenna and the Fall of Rome

The Ancients

Ravenna and the Fall of Rome

The fall of the Western Roman Empire stands as one of the most monumental moments in ancient history, symbolising the end of centuries of Roman dominance in the Mediterranean. However, amidst the crumbling of Rome, the city of Ravenna emerged as a prominent center, eventually surpassing Milan as the new capital. This begs the question: how did Ravenna attain such significance, and what insights can we glean from the art and architecture that remain there today, particularly from the 5th and 6th centuries?

In this episode, Tristan invites Professor Judith Herrin on to the podcast, to delve into the rise and fall of Ravenna’s prominence. Together, they explore its intricate connections with the Western Roman Empire, its interactions with notable entities like the Goths, and the awe-inspiring Christian architecture that adorned its landscape. What can we learn from uncovering the secrets of Ravenna, why did it hold such immense importance?

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