Plumbing in the Himalayas during 1950-1960 CE

HHE Podcast

We’re climbing to the top of the world and visiting the Himalayas to discover plumbing. Find out what to do with the little spade in a Tibetan toilet. Learn the story of the hidden hero of the first successful Everest expedition. And discover one naughty Lama’s remarkable secret.



00:00 Intro

01:44 Orientation to the Himalayas

17:16 History of the Himalayas

23:46 What is Plumbing?

30:14 Drop Toilet

36:36 Plumbing at 26,000ft

49:47 Son of a plumber!

57:14 Spook-o-later!

59:53 Outro



 – Tibetan Music (

 – Himalayas | Stewart Copeland | Ricky Kej | Divine Tides (

 – Everest, The First Ascent – the story of Griffith Pugh: (

 – Himalaya a human history: (

 – Shadow Tibet blog: (



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