Persian Sufi Poet Shams – Episode 2

Who This

“All day long my heart trembles like a leaf. All alone at midnight, where did that beloved go?”, were the words of the famous Persian poet Rumi about a lesser-known, yet fascinating, man – Shams-i Tabrīzī. With his works, but especially due to his relationship with Rumi, Shams deeply influenced poetry and Sufism for many centuries to come.

This is the story of Shams-i Tabrīzī, brought to you by Rami. As we dive into this story, we’ll not only hear about the life of Shams but also why this tale inspired Rami.

*Flashback* It might have started like an ordinary day, but when Shams and Rumi met on 15 November 1244, they finally found the soulmate they had been searching for their whole lives. From that moment on, they became inseparable. But, as we know, where love blooms, jealousy can soon turn streets red… *cliffhanger*

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Music credits: Classic Accents