Pearl Harbor and Memory with Alex Sessa

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December 2023 marked 82 years since Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor, which spurred American entry into the Second World War. The events of that day are quickly fading from our collective memory. Today, there are just 25 survivors of Pearl Harbor, the youngest of whom is a 99-year-old. Fewer than 2 per cent of Americans have any personal recollection of the events of that day. In this new episode, Jackson and Alex discuss how the attack on Pearl Harbor shaped a generation – colloquially referred to as ‘the Greatest Generation’ – and how this pivotal event shaped their worldview. Notably, this generation responded to the threat of National Socialism and fascism to fight to preserve democracy. As we are losing those who remember the attack on Pearl Harbor, how will the events of that day continue to shape America in the future? What lessons can be drawn from Pearl Harbor as we face increasing threats to our democracy today? 

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