Pat Garrett | Pat vs Billy the Kid (Part 2)

The Wild West Extravaganza

Pat Garrett is now the Sheriff of Lincoln County and he’s got one job – to put an end to his old friend, Billy the Kid. And you better believe he wastes no time in starting on the hunt. Aiding him in these efforts are Secret Service Agent Azariah Wild and Texas cattleman investigator Frank Stewart.

Also discussed in this episode: Barney Mason, the raid on Fort Sumner, Pat Garrett’s confrontation with two Puerto de Luna badmen, his refusal to be arrested, the standoff with an armed mob in Las Vegas, Bob Olinger’s likely affliction, Billy’s escape from the jail in Lincoln, Sheriff Garrett’s immediate reaction, the Kid’s reasons for sticking around Fort Sumner, and more!

This is the 2nd installment in a series on the life of Pat Garrett. Link to the previous episode below.

Pat Garrett | Origin Story (part 1) –

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