The 1526 Battle of Mohacs | Part 1: A Golden Age

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The 1526 Battle of Mohacs | Part 1: A Golden Age

“More was lost at Mohacs” – Hungarian proverb

In this series we journey into the events leading up to the disastrous Battle of Mohacs in 1526.

This pivotal battle forever altered the course of Hungarian and European history. It marked the collapse of Hungary and paved the way for the relentless advance of the Ottoman Empire into Central Europe.

In this episode, we delve into the remarkable reigns of two Hungarian heroes, John Hunyadi and his son Matthias Corvinus. These visionary leaders reshaped the medieval kingdom, propelling it to the status of a European superstate.

However, with the passing of these influential figures, we bear witness to a realm spiraling into anarchy and chaos. As weak-willed kings succumb to the influence of greedy nobles, a new Ottoman Sultan emerges, casting Hungary into a state of uncertainty…

Join us for this episode, where the triumphs, tragedies, and profound consequences of the Battle of Mohacs unfold before your eyes.