300: The Last Stand of The Spartans (Part 1)

Anthology Of Heroes History

“Eat well Spartans for tonight we dine with Hades!” – King Leonidas I

In this series I’m joined by Mark Pimenta, host of the Warlords Of History Podcast.

Mark and I discuss the lead up to one of the most famous events in world history: The Battle of Thermopylae.

In 480BC the outnumbered forces of Greece made their stand against the enormous army of Shah Xerses I and his Achaemenid Persian Empire.

The Persians had numbers on their side, but the Greeks 300 of the best trained soldiers in the world led by the steely King of Sparta, Leonidas I.

In this episode we discuss the lead up to the battle, and delve deep into the strange society in which The Spartans lived.

Join us for fascinating insights about one of the strangest and most brutal cultures in world history.

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