Out of Office: Negotiation in Lebanon during 1984

HHE Podcast

Pete and Ryan are taking a break from regularly Derzolated episodes, so in this one-off ‘Out Of Office’ special, they’ve been assigned ‘Negotiation in Lebanon during 1984’. Discover the human cost of tough government and find out how violence may not be the answer after all!



00:00 Intro

01:40 Orientation to Lebanon

07:58 History of Lebanon

16:53 1984

20:10 Non-Negotiable

42:02 The Real Back and Forth

52:44 Outro



 – Lebanon National Anthem (https://youtu.be/jbvIlEB-zNM?si=CLONZjJiyYyms3ma)

 – Fawer Ya Kedri (Nay) (https://youtu.be/-ptNpR5DuVU?si=Z838UABbxkaEIXEC)

 – Eurythmics “Sex Crime” 1984 (https://youtu.be/IcTP7YWPayU?si=9rR-W2XV4kfo5MCo)

 – Ronald Reagan Discusses Results of Negotiations Made after Screen Actors Strike (https://youtu.be/mblbXPnyjmI?si=ulYqxd3P7_ZGoShw)





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