The Ancients

Origins of Water

When you envision what Earth was like 4.5 billion years ago, shortly after its creation, images of dust-filled air and raging volcanoes tend to come to mind. However, amidst all that chaos, hidden within the rocks and atmosphere, what if water was also present? Traveling back to the beginning of the Solar System and Earth’s formation, it turns out that Earth was partially wet from the start. with water molecules clinging to the asteroids that would later form our planet. So, how do we go about proving the existence of primordial water? And why is it so important to scientists today?

In today’s episode, Tristan welcomes Dr. Lydia Hallis from the University of Glasgow to delve into the history of water’s origins and explain why this research is game-changing. Drawing from research in NASA’s Astrobiology archives and Dr. Hallis’s own exploration in the Arctic Circle, where she scaled kilometer-high ice mountains with the help of a Red Bull athlete, we explore why the existence of primordial water on Earth is so significant and what implications it holds for the rest of the solar system.

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