Nathanael Greene and La Fayette, Partners in Freedom. With Salina B. Baker.

La Fayette, We Are Here!

In this unique episode, we engage in a conversation with Salina B. Baker, an accomplished author of historical fiction, who has received multiple awards for her work. Additionally, she is a historian specializing in the American Revolution and Victorian America.

She has just released an outstanding novel titled “The Line of Splendor: A Novel of Nathanael Greene and the American Revolution.” In our conversation, we delve into the intricate relationship between General Greene and his close French ally, the Marquis de La Fayette. This profound friendship holds significance not only for the two men but also for the broader context of the American Revolution, symbolizing the enduring and meaningful connection between France and the United States of America in various aspects.

03:01 – Meet Nathanael Greene
09:57 – Greene and La Fayette
20:40 – Working Together
27:39 – Fighting for the Cause
30:41 – Friends after the War
40:16 – Conclusion

Music: Marche pour la cérémonie des Turcs, composed by Jean-Baptiste Lully, arranged and performed by Jérôme Arfouche.

Artwork:  “Nathanael Greene in General uniform” by Charles Willson Peale (left) and “The young Marquis de Lafayette wearing his uniform as Major General of the Continental Army” by Charles Willson Peale (right).

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