Medusa with Natalie Haynes

‎The Ancients

This episode contains references to sexual assault.

Medusa stands as one of the most iconic yet misconstrued figures of Greek mythology.

Recognised as one of the three Gorgons, she is notoriously portrayed with serpentine hair and petrifying eyes that turn onlookers to stone. Her life is famously ended by Perseus, the demigod son of Zeus. Popular culture often reduces her to a monstrous caricature, even using her name interchangeably for all Gorgons. But how much of this aligns with ancient records, and how much is a Hollywood construct? To unravel this enigma, Tristan welcomes classicist, author, and broadcaster Natalie Haynes. Together, they dissect Medusa’s origins, delve into her tragic narrative marked by betrayals from Perseus and Athena, and ponder the implications of her myth in today’s context.

You can purchase Natalie Haynes’s book on Medusa, Stone Blind, here and pre-order her new one Divine Might: Goddesses in Greek Myth, here.

Senior Producer was Elena Guthrie

Script was written by Andrew Hulse

Voice over was performed by Nichola Woolley

Assistant Producer was Annie Coloe

Editor was Aidan Lonergan

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