Medieval Irish Folklore (Live) 

You’re Dead To Me

Medieval Irish Folklore (Live) 

In this special live episode, recorded at the Hay Festival, Greg Jenner is joined by Dr Gillian Kenny and comedian Seán Burke to learn about medieval Irish folklore.

We’re focusing on the lore and stories from Gaelic Irish culture. Gaelic culture remained the dominant set of cultural and societal beliefs on the island of Ireland well into the 17th century until it was destroyed by a succession of English invasions.

But what were these beliefs and how did the Christianisation of Ireland from the 5th century onwards amalgamate pre-Christian stories into it?

From fairy darts to banshees, through some unusual ways of warding off the evil eye, this is a jovial jaunt across some ancient myths and legends.

Research by Emmie Rose Price-Goodfellow

Written by Emma Nagouse and Greg Jenner

Produced by Emma Nagouse and Greg Jenner

Assistant Producer: Emmie Rose Price-Goodfellow

Project Management: Isla Matthews

Audio Producer: Steve Hankey

You’re Dead To Me is a production by The Athletic for BBC Radio 4.

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