Martial Arts in the Philippines during 1927-1937 & 1946-1950 CE

HHE Podcast

This week Pete enters the HHE Podcast dojo to discover Martial Arts in the Philippines during the period of the Chinese Civil War. Discover the fast and furious fighters of Eskrima, learn about the rough-and-ready origins of their art and the sometimes-fatal fights that came with it, and find out how today’s art is a rather more civilised affair.


00:00 Intro

02:08 Orientation to the Philippines

15:15 History of the Philippines

27:34 The History of the Chinese Civil War

29:21 What are Martial Arts?

33:55 Escrima

42:55 The Formalisation of Escrima

58:25 The Derzolator

00:11 Outro



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