Marathon Mini series: 03 Tactics

Casting Through Ancient Greece

Welcome to this bonus instalment of episodes for January. The Marathon mini series has been apart of the members episodes over on Patreon. For the month of January I have decided to make this series of 5 episodes available to all to say thank you for all the support over the year. Get in and listen when you can as they will go back to Patreon only at the start of February.

Discover the untold brilliance of ancient Greek warfare as we dissect the strategic mastery that unfolded at the Battle of Marathon. Forget the tired trope of Greek tactics being static; our latest episode unveils a saga of dynamic adaptation and military evolution that turned the tide against the Persians. We’ll explore how the Greeks, far from merely reacting, made calculated decisions from the positioning of their camp to their unorthodox charge—a harrowing run toward the enemy lines. The choice of terrain, often thought to be influenced by religious motives, is revealed as a clever guise for a cunning defensive stance. Join us to unravel the true genius behind these ancient warriors whose battlefield intellect has long been underestimated.

This episode isn’t just a history lesson; it’s a thrilling investigation into the mysterious absence of the Persian cavalry and how it shaped the Greeks’ tactical approach. With a running advance that would leave most armies breathless, the Athenian commanders didn’t just adapt—they revolutionized traditional hoplite warfare to outmaneuver their opponents. Our journey through history will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the legendary Battle of Marathon. So, gear up for a heart-pounding ride back in time as we pay homage to the tactical innovators of yesteryear, whose legacy has indelibly influenced the Western way of war.

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