Lilith: Mesopotamian Demoness

The Ancients

Perhaps a name better known for recent appearances in horror films – Lilith is a woman who’s origins go far beyond that of the Hollywood screens. Often blamed for illnesses, ailments, and male embarrassment – Lilith is force to be reckoned with. So just where does Lilith come from, and can ancient Mesopotamia help shed some light on this misunderstood figure?

Sarah Clegg, author of the new book ‘Woman’s Lore’ joins Tristan on the podcast today, to help unravel the myth and mystery surrounding Lilith and her counterparts. Looking at ancient incantation bowl, family’s of exorcists, and Lilith position in modern Feminism – what can we learn about Lilith across history? And more importantly, what can we learn from this formidable woman?

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