Legends and Outlaws | An Old West Marathon

The Wild West Extravaganza

In this collection of true stories from the Old West, we’ll discuss George Parrot, aka Big Nose George – a lesser-known outlaw who had a noose around his neck more times than you’d believe. And that’s just half the story! You’ll never guess how this one ends! Afterward, we’ll hop over to El Paso for a legendary showdown between madams Big Alice Abbot and Etta “The Grasshopper” Clark before discussing the legendary gunfight in Newton, Kansas. And don’t forget about legendary Joaquin Murrieta – the supposed inspiration for the likes of Zorro and Batman. Was Murrieta a righteous freedom fighter or simply a charismatic bandit? Then we’ve got Ed Scarborough, a fearless lawman whose biggest enemies turned out to be himself and a rabid skunk. With cross-dressing, shootouts with bicycles, and daring prison escapes, Ed’s story is about as wild as the West gets. Following Scarborough, we’ll delve into the Colorado cannibal Alfred Packer and his eyebrow-raising story of survival. Finally, we’ll pay a visit to Winslow, Arizona, where an armed robbery by down-and-out cowboys resulted in a literal trip to hell, a bloody gunfight, and an Old West Lazarus rising from the dead for one last sip of whiskey!

(0:00) Big Nose George

(23:10) Alice Abbott & the Battle of the Bordellos

(45:04) The Newton Massacre 

(73:15)  Billy the Kid’s Brother

(88:12) The Bandit Joaquin Murrieta 

(144:48) Arizona Ranger Ed Scarborough

(157:25) Colorado Cannibal Alfred Packer 

(212:04) The Devil’s Canyon

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