Kamasutra: The Ancient Playboy Manual

Betwixt The Sheets: The History of Sex, Scandal & Society

Most people would assume that the Kamasutra is a book of hundreds of fantastical sex positions.

They would partly be right, but mostly wrong!

Sex is a small part of this ancient text, which includes fascinating insights into 3rd century Indian culture. It also includes some extremely modern-sounding advice on how to dump a boring husband.

What happened in the Victorian era that made us think it was a catalogue of sex positions? What are some of the more feminist-leanings it features? And how has it survived all these years?

Taking us through the Kamasutra today is the legendary Wendy Doniger, author of Redeeming the Kamasutra.

This episode was edited and produced by Stuart Beckwith. The senior producer was Charlotte Long.

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