Johnny Ringo’s Mysterious Fate

The Wild West Extravaganza

The mysterious, oftentimes sullen gunfighter Johnny Ringo celebrated July 4th, 1882, by going on a bender. And judging by the liquor bottles stashed in his saddlebags he wasn’t planning on the festivities ending any time soon. Few days later Ringo shows up at a ranch about 20 miles to the north and he’s still drinking. Likewise even later when he runs into Cochise County Sheriff’s deputy Billy Breakenridge. According to Billy it was barely past midday and Johnny was having trouble staying in the saddle. What happened next is a mystery, but the following day Johnny Ringo’s lifeless body was discovered by a teamster; his feet wrapped in a torn shirt, his cartridge belt upside down, his horse gone, and a noticeable piece of his scalp missing, seemingly cut away with a knife. The official coroner’s report would rule Johnny’s death as self-inflicted but is that really what happened? Why would a veteran of so many battles choose to take his own life? And Where was his horse? Why was he barefoot? And who the hell cut off a piece of his hair? And while we’re at it, who the hell was Johnny Ringo anyway, and could he really speak Latin? 

“Eventus stultorum magister.”


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