Jersey: Ice Age Island

The Ancients

Jersey: Ice Age Island

The largest of the Channel Islands, when you think of Jersey, it’s doubtful that Neanderthals, Woolly Mammoths, and Woolly Rhinoceroses come to mind. But thanks to 20th-century excavations and advancing science in the modern age, we now know that Jersey was one of the largest sites of Neanderthal occupation in Northwestern Europe. With over 200,000 stone tools discovered and skeletal evidence of both Neanderthals and Mega Fauna, it was an island where many coexisted. But how were these incredible items found, and how did Nazi Occupation nearly prevent these brilliant discoveries?

In this episode, Tristan welcomes Dr. Matt Pope, the leader of excavations at the Neanderthal site of La Cotte de St Brelade in Jersey, to talk about his team’s work and excavations. Looking at how sea levels changed over time, the discovery of Bone Heaps, and Neanderthal migrations, what was Jersey like in the Ice Age, and what remnants of the past can we still see on the island’s surface today?

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