Invisible Chains: The History of State Sanctioned Human Trafficking | Cindy Hahamovitch

The ਸੋਚ (Sōch) Podcast

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00:00 – Introduction 01:28 – What are guestworker programs? 02:27 – What are the origins of guestworker programs? 07:26 – How do guestworker programs differ from indentured labour and slavery? 09:42 – What influences the development of the guestworker programs? 14:04 – Why doesn’t the government seem to take significant actions? 17:58 – What other elements contribute to the exploitation within guestworker programs? 22:54 – What was the role of guestworker programs in Jim Crow America? 29:59 – Is it common for cases to go to court? 31:35 – How have you gone about your research? 34:30 – What are some of the benefits of guestworker programs? 37:29 – How has anti-immigrant sentiment affected the expansion of guestworker programs over time? 42:44 – What are some potential solutions to problems created by guestworker programs? 47:23 – What is the current status of guestworker programs? 51:12 – Guestworker programs increasing under Trump? 56:36 – Are there any similarities between guestworker programs and the war on drugs? 01:00:37 – Who is Cindy Hahamovitch?

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