Idi Amin & The Ugandan Asian Exodus | Lucy Fulford

The ਸੋਚ (Sōch) Podcast

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Discover the untold stories of the Ugandan Asian Expulsion with Lucy Fulford, author of ‘The Exiled Empire: Immigration and the Uganda Asian Exodus’.

Dive deep into the historical ties between South Asians and East Africa, from the early trade relations to the challenges faced in post-colonial Uganda. Understand the profound impact of these events on global diaspora communities in the UK and Canada.

Join us on this enlightening journey as we unveil hidden histories.

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00:00 – Sneak Peek: What’s Unveiled in Today’s Discussion?
01:20 – India & East Africa Connection: A Brief Overview of their shared history
03:34 – Personal Touch in ‘The Exiled’: How did your family’s experiences shape your narrative on the Ugandan Asian exodus?
05:14 – Turbulent Times: What was the backdrop just before the massive expulsion?
09:41 – Decade of Change: What pivotal events transpired in the 10 years leading up to Idi Amin’s drastic decision?
13:31 – Amin’s Announcement: How did it practically reshape lives and lead to the exodus?
21:49 – Rebuilding from Scratch: How did the expelled showcase resilience and start anew in foreign lands?
25:00 – Modern UK’s Stance: How do you perceive contemporary British policies on immigration?
28:16 – Ugandan Asians’ UK Footprint: What significant impact have they made in the UK?
31:55 – Author’s Intent: What myths or misconceptions are you aiming to debunk with your book?
37:11 – Global Diaspora & British Class Obsession: How does the UK’s class fascination affect the portrayal of Ugandan Asians?
41:37 – Home & Self: How do you define identity and belonging in the context of displacement?
45:37 – Upcoming Endeavors: Can you hint at your future projects?
46:48 – Enduring Legacy: How have Ugandan Asians sculpted their legacy in the UK?
49:04 – Wrapping Up: Final thoughts on the Ugandan Asian journey and its significance.

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