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I Saw the Sign

Get back in the time machine with us and go to August 2020, while we were all hyper fixating on our new COVID hobbies. And for us, that was astrology of famous historical couples.

We analyze the rollercoaster relationship of historical figures Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon despite being opposing Cancer and Sagittarius signs. We chat about the practical relationship of Diane de Poitiers and Henry II of France despite being from opposing elements. Moving on, we highlight the low compatibility rating for Capricorns and analyze Queen Alexandra and Nicholas, a Gemini-Taurus pairing. Finally ending on a discussion about the successful partnership of Taurus and Pisces signs Isabella and Ferdinand. The conversation wraps up with a lighthearted Zodiac Roundup.

5:00 Henry and Catherine of Aragon

13:35 Diane De Poitiers and Henri II

21:15 Alexandra and tsar Nicholas

31:00 Isabella and Ferdinand

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