HTP EP 57: Rawlins & Grant at Vicksburg w/Melissa Winn

The History Things Podcast

As a follow up to the summer discussion with Melissa Winn about the important relationship between Ulysses S. Grant and his Chief of Staff John Rawlings, the guys have brought Melissa back to look at the specifics of the Vicksburg Campaign and how these men coordinated that operation.

Rawlings continued to be the support Grant needed to protect him from his own vice’s during the Campaign, as well as defend him from political threats. Rawlings connections to powerful political figures, as well as his ability to bring those sent from Washington specifically to spy on Grant, into the fold did much to keep the future General-in-Chief in the good graces of Washington.  Lincoln famously said that, “I can not spare this man, he fights”, now find out about the professional and personal friendship that helped make this fighter possible.

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